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Kitchen Door Style Design Elements Collection

Door style design elements collection

Gotham Builders, your choice for a New York remodeling contractor, offers a wide selection by the Door Style Design Elements Collection of Jim Bishop Cabinets, Inc.

Home is our place for rest and comfort, for joy and memories. As we tailor our homes to suit the needs of our families, they become a reflection of who we are.

Because cabinetry is such an integral part of our homes, Bishop Cabinets makes each cabinet to order so that you can structure your living spaces to best suit your particular needs. But cabinetry is about more than just structure, it is also about beauty. The combinations of wood species, door styles and finishes that you will find within these pages will give you literally hundreds of thousands of possibilities, so that you can create that fashion which perfectly defines you.

In this booklet you'll find door styles from our Design Elements Collection, which features custom-tailored doors. These door styles allow you to combine your choices of wood specie, door and drawer front type to create one-of-a-kind fashions.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The images shown on the following pages are only a small taste of those possibilities. After you've spent some time mulling over what you might like, we invite you to visit your Bishop dealer to zero in on that perfect style.

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