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Your home is like a space suit. It should keep heat in when the weather is cold and keep it out when the weather is hot. The same radiant barrier technology used in space can produce dramatic results in your attic, and bring your heating and cooling bills down to earth. Adding attic insulation to your New York home is the most cost-effective way to lower your heating and cooling bills.

Our experienced insulation contractors can help you choose the right type of insulation for your New York home. From eShield to more traditional methods, contact us today to learn more about the type of insulation you'll need to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Did You Know? A space suit can be 310°F on the side facing the sun and -290°F on the opposite side. But a flexible radiant barrier laminated into the fabric allows the space suit to reflect the searing heat of the sun and retain the body's warmth on the dark side.


Attic Insulation Questions:

Why don't building codes specify E-values as well as R-values?
In the last century, the only cost-effective insulation for the home was mass insulation like fiberglass, cellulose and foam that reduced heat transfer by convection and conduction. The "R-value" was the measure of how good a job those insulators did. Yet R-value measures only the smallest part of residential heat transfer. E-value is the measure of emissivity, radiant heat transfer, the principle source of energy loss. New technologies make it practical to achieve extremely low emissivity in window glass and in a reflective film ideal for the attic. As these low-E technologies advance, the codes will catch up and E-value will replace R-value as the primary measure of energy efficiency.

Will eShield™ installed in my attic trap mildew-causing moisture in my ceiling?
eShield™ is perforated to allow vapor to escape the housing envelope – it will not contribute to mildew growth in your home.

Will eShield™ create a fire hazard in my attic?
eShield™ Attic Energy Barrier is fire-resistant – it's less combustible than the structure to which it attaches. Of course, like almost any material, it will melt and eventually burn if exposed to an open flame.

Can I get a rebate for installing eShield™?
eShield™ Attic Energy Barrier is Department of Energy approved and bears the Energystar® mark. This is the gold standard in energy efficiency and qualifies for most federal, state and energy company rebates. Check with your eShield™ rep to learn what's available in your area.

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