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Trends in Staten Island for Bathroom Remodeling

Trends in staten island for bathroom remodeling

The days of depending on a luxury resort or hotel for pampering are being replaced. Staten Island homeowners are trading this occasional extravagance for permanent innovations in their very own homes. Currently, creating sanctuaries are the new bathroom remodeling trends. Consumers can now enjoy opulence in the privacy of their own homes.

There is no question that kitchens and baths sell homes. Consumers place significant value on large open kitchens and bathrooms with modern conveniences and high-end fixtures. Currently, however, a new trend in bathrooms has been occurring which focuses on the latest and greatest technology in bathroom conveniences.

Previously marketed multiple-head showers have now evolved into elaborate multi-functioning appliances. One of the hottest trends is the steam shower which offers reclining seats, remote controlled massage, electronic temperature and steam generator, and surround sound. This trend is especially important in remodeling because it immediately updates an older bathroom, and additionally provides the homeowner with the convenience of a spa along with the privacy of home.

For added pizazz, there is another new innovation known as the tanning shower. This product allows the consumer to incorporate a tanning unit into an existing or new shower. The unit comes complete with lamps, reflectors, and a double UV filter for optimum tanning. Also included is a high-intensity infrared light marketed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, aiding in skincare.

Just thinking about a warm towel after a steam shower is enough to entice any consumer thinking about remodeling. Towel warming units currently on the market contain warming drawers with timer settings and temperature controls that can be conveniently personalized. Modern Staten Island toilets complete with bidets are another feature many are including in their renovations. Intelligent toilets include the bidet, but also add the feature of remote controlled temperature settings for both the water flow and the seat. For men, the toilet lid can be remotely controlled and lowers itself after use. A sensor allows the toilet to flush and determine when a user is finished before lowering the lid. Germ elimination is no longer a concern for those incorporating this toilet.

Digital navigation systems bring all these features together allowing the Staten Island consumer to customize their personal settings. Some new bathroom systems even include brilliantly colored light shows in order to enhance mood. With one touch a homeowner can now set the temperature in the shower, choose a preferred water flow, enjoy their musical preferences, and enjoy a light show all at the same time. The only rule for this new trend in remodeling is "the bigger, the better."

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