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Taking Steps to Prevent Flood Damage

Taking steps to prevent flood damage

Relief after a severe weather event in Staten Island can be hard to find, so having the contact information of a restoration and remodeling company on hand is encouraged. Although eliminating flood damage entirely may be impossible, you can attempt to reduce the devastation and the cost of hiring storm and flood damage restoration services. The best protection against flood damage is elevation, and regulations ensure that new buildings in areas with a high risk of flooding are built at or above the level of the location's base flood.

How Can a Flood Harm Your Home?

Flood damage isn't always disastrous, but when water enters your home, the extent of damage has the potential to be very severe. Flood damage has many negative effects, such as mold and mildew growth, pest invasions, and damaged house framing, drywall, flooring, furniture and electrical outlets. Whether you have minimal or extensive damage to your home, a restoration and remodeling company will know the best course of action to take.

Flood Damage Prevention Tips

  • Prevent Sewer Backup – Installing a flap valve on the single sewer line can reduce the effects of sewer backups, which are caused by floodwater that enters the sewer system.
  • Install Floodwalls – Floodwalls, self-supporting structures that appear to be privacy fences, are very sturdy and heavy, and they don't slide or collapse during flooding. Water is also prevented from flowing underneath floodwalls, so they limit the damage caused by floating debris, erosion, and unbalanced water pressure on the walls of your home. Building materials for floodwalls include wood, bricks, cement blocks, and poured concrete.
  • Use Plastic Sheeting – Some homeowners cover structures that extend from their homes with plastic sheeting as a temporary protective measure against flooding. This technique keeps the weight of the water away from the landscaping and exterior walls of the homes. If you use plastic sheeting in a sandbag levee, you should cover all drains, windows, doors, and additional openings to avoid a sewer backup.

The work done in the aftermath of a flood can be reduced significantly if the proper flood prevention procedures are carried out. However, even the most effective flood prevention techniques can fail, and if they do, reaching out to a reputable restoration and remodeling company like Gotham Builders is a wise choice. Your restoration and remodeling company will help you remove damaged items and building materials and perform the appropriate repairs until your Staten Island home is fully restored.

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