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New York Choose the Right Color for Your Home

New york choose the right color for your home

One of the first things you'll note when shopping for new home siding is that there's a seemingly infinite range colors available to you. Sticking with your current color is a conservative approach, but choosing a new hue can really transform and update your home's style. Here's everything you need to know about navigating house siding colors.

Choosing the Right House Siding Colors

Choosing house siding colors can be tricky business. You need to select a product that suits your taste, but still works with your roof and other details. Fortunately, many manufacturers and architecture sites offer color matching tools that will give you a sense for what families of shades work well together. When a combination piques your interest, contact the manufacturer to request siding samples–when it comes to getting a sense for what works, there's no substitute for seeing the actual product. An experienced siding contractor can also help tremendously. Take your time and be certain you've chosen the right color combination for you before placing your order.

Weighing Your Siding Options

Today's popular siding materials, like vinyl or fiber cement siding, can be factory primed and painted. While this adds to your overall siding cost, it can save you time and money in ongoing maintenance over the lifetime of the product. Many manufacturers even offer color matching services that allow you to choose virtually any shade for your home. The convenience of these products is unparalleled, but choosing one means you cannot easily swap house siding colors down the line. Products that you paint and prime are much more work over the long-haul, but offer more color versatility in the future.

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