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Install a Radiant Barrier in Your New York Attic and Save $$

Install a radiant barrier in your new york attic and save

A person spends $1600 or more a year on their utility bills in US. This article intends to create awareness regarding energy saving products and will help you save energy costs both in your New York home and in the office.A latest survey conducted by a leading electronic magazine reveals that use of insulating radiant barrier in a home can save as much as 15 percent on air conditioning energy costs. If you are thinking of ways to reduce energy cost whether in residential or commercial set up then you should have a radiant attic barrier installed by a New York home improvement contractor.

A radiant barrier commonly refers to a thin layer of aluminum film used to prevent radiant heat transfer between a surface that radiates heat (for instance, roof) and the surface that absorbs the heat (such as, attic floor insulation).

A radiant barrier is an energy saving product as it ensures that insulation do not absorb much heat released by the roof and enable you to save money when it comes to cooling costs in the summer. Those who run air conditioner continually will really benefit from the radiant barrier in the form of reduced electricity bill.

With a radiant barrier you will feel a remarkable difference in the temperature of your New York home. You will no more be required to keep air conditioner at high all the time and can change settings and even close it for few hours. They are not only beneficial in summer but also keep your home warm in winter. Radiant barriers also prevent wear and tear of your air conditioner which in turn will result in less repair and maintenance cost.

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