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Don't Put Your Ex-Entertainment Center Out to Pasture Just Yet

Dont put your ex entertainment center out to pasture just yet

Nearly every New York City resident has an entertainment center that is not necessary with the current flat-screen televisions. Many have had their living rooms remodeled and the once useful piece of furniture is now too bulky and in the way. What do you do with this large piece of furniture now? The obvious solution is to donate it, but if you can re-purpose your entertainment center, you might find the piece useful still. Your New York City remodeling contractor can also share with you a wealth of ideas for re-purposing furniture that may not fit with the current look of your living or family room.

Consider where the piece is now; if it no longer suits its current location, look around and see where it might fit with a new purpose. A hallway near the bathroom might have enough space for the unit as a linen closet, once it is painted. The large opening once used for the old style television can be fitted with shelves for folded linens, towels or even bulky blankets.

If you have a guest room in your New York City home and could use some extra storage space, your entire entertainment cabinet could serve as an extra closet or a great place to store all those photo albums you have in closets and drawers.

Some entertainment units can be broken down into separate pieces that you can find a good use for in separate rooms. Children always need space for their stuff; why not consider the unit in a bedroom. This is a great place to experiment with a pop of color.

The center area where the TV once stood could be fitted with a flat panel, hollow core door and a file cabinet or small cabinet to support the end and it becomes a great study area or a New York City home office with lots of storage space. This peninsula style desk, could provide a place for two people to use the desk simultaneously.

Painted or stained, with doors removed or left in place, panels fitted with colorful fabric or interesting glass can breathe new life into an old piece. Add some pretty wallpaper or a great graphic design in the large open space for high impact design. The unit can store decorative pieces, or a collection of vases, candlesticks or artwork.

If you have a covered area outside at your New York City home, your old unit could serve as a garden center with a potting space–a great place to store all your necessary small garden tools, seed packets, extra pots and your notebook of garden ideas.

Think with purpose in mind as you consider what to do with this useful piece. Remember that with cabinet doors and shelves, there are lots of other uses for an entertainment center, and perhaps you can save it from the New York City landfill.

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